Saturday, March 27, 2010

Belated Thankful Thursday 3

I've been having difficulties accessing Blogger so this is a few days late.

I'm thankful that:
1. Spring is technically here even if it is Cold/Snowing.
2. Spring break is only a week long.
3. Blockette is actually listening...better than expected for a 4 year old.
4. I don't have a occupation in the medical field.
5. I found the quilting needle I thought one of the cats ate.
6. I didn't find the needle with my foot.
7. My mom is here!!!!


  1. I love your "thankful" post! It just made me realize I need to do a gratitude list myself after I had quite a weekend. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Dittos on No. 7!!

  3. Uncle clownsuit: Um you do realize that she reads this? Besides, she is home now. Did you think she was gonna stay here forever?

    ps she has something for you so you better go over to her house for Easter.


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