Monday, July 13, 2009

Garden update

This is my experimentation with a photo montage. I'm not sure it worked out very well. I wrote on each pic what it was but on the blog it looks so tiny. I think if you click on the picture it will take you to a bigger photo. Anyhow the photos are top left: front garden, top right: violas and lobelias, bottom left: side garden, bottom right: the only zinnia that has survived long enough to bloom. I think it's looking pretty feeble.
These pictures are of the evil stump in the side garden. We got an axe on Sunday and the top photo is after Mrblocko hacked at it with an axe for 30 min or so. The bottom pic is what it looked like before, but he had been hacking away at it with the maddoc for about a month. The top pic gives you a better idea of the scale of the pic. Yes, Blockette is wearing my shoes. The stump is currently roughly 12x12". Mrblocko took out 3 stumps in the backyard that were a fraction of the size of the one in the front. He had some time to kill when he thought he ruined the mower by accidentally mowing over one of the stumps. Why the previous owners planted all these shrubs I haven't the foggiest. And why they never bothered to take out the stumps after they chopped down the shrubs will remain a mystery of the ages. We've been tripping over them, they must have too. It's not like we have a huge backyard.

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