Thursday, March 15, 2012

2012 Thankful Thurs #11

1. A weekend with no cooking.

Source: "The Dust of Everyday Life"
2. Blockette and I poking worms with the tips of our umbrellas at the bus stop.

3. Being told I'm the best mommy ever, for no apparent reason.

4. Mr. Blocko taking the books back to the library so I didn't have to.

5. More Mommy-Daughter time.

6. The Crocuses have bloomed.

7. The little house sparrows that have moved into the old Robin's nest outside Blockette's window.

8. Some of the daffodils are starting to bloom.

9. Some older neighbor girls came over the other day to play with Blockette.

10. Less complaining about friends at school.

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