Friday, January 11, 2013

2013 Thankful Thursday #2 (belated)


1. Stopping coughing from the dry wall dust long enough to fall asleep.

2. Getting the ceiling fixed before it fell down.

3. Getting back into the usual work and school routine.

4. Appreciating, not dreading, winter break.

5. My car died on the way home from work, not on the way too work.

6. I could walk home from work.

7. The weather is quite springlike.

8. It only rained on my walk to work Thurs afternoon, not during work.

9. Mrblocko gave me a ride to work this AM so I didn't have to get up early.

10. Cloudy days are beautiful in the morning the way the light changes as the sun gets higher in the sky.  I saw such gorgeous shades of blue-ish purple-y gray. 

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