Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Pinterest Fact or Fiction: Foil Bananas

So I saw this thing on pinterest that if you put foil on the tops of your bananas, it prevents them from ripening too fast.

I thought this was an easy enough thing to test out so I wrapped our bananas when I got home from the store.
 Note: the yellow banana in the above photo is one week old for a reference point.
Here is what is left after a week from the same bunch of bananas from the above photo.

They had quite a bit less black spots. The bananas themselves had no mushy spots either.

This made me think that this was a pinterest Fact.

Until the next week....
At 5 days the remaining bananas had mush spots and were just as black as ever.
Then the same thing happened the following week.

Maybe we got a really good bunch of bananas that first week, or a really bum bunch the following week. 

If this was something that really prevented the bananas from getting over ripe then it should work every time. It's for that reason that I'm calling this one a pinterest fiction.

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