Friday, September 18, 2009

Super Easy Sugar Cookies

For some reason I don't have much luck with things requiring a rolling pin, namely sugar cookies and pie crusts. You can imagine my excitement when I saw a recipe for Easy sugar cookies on Real Mom Kitchen. You don't need a rolling pin as these are drop sugar cookies. I never even knew such a thing existed. Thank you Real Mom Kitchen!

I used my handy dandy oxo scoop that I'm always yammering on about. It took a bit of experimenting to find the right size. The small scoop came out too small and the large scoop was way too big. I don't have the medium scoop, so I used the large scoop, cut them in half and rolled the dough back into balls before popping them into the oven. These were also made for Mrblocko's family reunion. I felt bad only bringing the Giant chocolate chip cookies, as they only make 12. These were not as big of a hit as the Giant cookies, but the kids liked them.

Blockette is all geared up for Halloween. She doesn't understand that it is over a month away. If the stores are all decked out it must mean that Halloween is tomorrow. I told her that Halloween wasn't for a while, but we could decorate the cookies in Halloween colors if she wanted. Oh, yes. She wanted.
I let her pick out the colors for the frosting. (I just used the stuff in the can. Nuthin fancy.) Blockette told me when the colors were mixed to the hue she desired. (That purple turned out quite electric didn't it?)I had some Halloween sprinkles left over from last year. The sprinkles were her job. This was the first time I gave her complete free reign with the sprinkles. I was pleasantly surprised. Most of the sprinkles actually made it on top of the cookies. I was expecting half of them to wind up decorating the floor.

I would make these cookies again, simply because they were so fun and easy. I do prefer the taste of the more traditional roll out sugar cookies though. Someday I'm going to have to get the courage up to make friends with my rolling pin.

(Edited to add, the link now says there is malware attached to the website!)

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