Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Project #1: Pink Crochet blanket

I am not a good crocheter. I can follow a pattern if someone translates it for me but that's about it. Last week I saw a flyer at the library asking for knitters and crocheters to make blankets for Haiti.

My first thought was, "Hey, I can do that." I'd conveniently forgotten what a horrible crocheter I am. All I could remember how to do was a single crochet. When I single crochet in a long line my stitches get very distorted.

The blanket was supposed to be about 36" x 48". I looped up what I thought was 36" but the longer I made the afghan, the narrower the blanket became. I ended up adding extra along the sides, crocheting perpendicular to the rest of the blanket. That made the edges ripply, but not in a nice fancy way. The whole thing looked very wonky, but my husband and best friend assured me that the person who received it probably wouldn't care too much. A blanket is a blanket when you need one. If I think about it logically, most of the time you use a blanket when your sleeping...with your eyes closed.

I'm hoping to make one more, but this one I am going to make smaller squares that I sew together. Wish me luck!

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