Sunday, May 1, 2011

Thankful Thursday 17.11

1. Being Godmother to my best friend's daughter.
2. Blockette trying her best to run into the wind during Soccer.
3. Blockette's gigglefest watching America's Funniest Videos.
4. Mrblocko kills all the nasty spiders that have invaded our home.
5. When I dropped the cupcake in the garage, at least it didn't land on my clothes or on the copies I made for Sunday School.
6. The joy on Blockette's face when she told me the eggs at school had hatched into chicks.
7. Not loosing my temper every morning this week.
8. Fits don't last forever.
9. I don't drink when I'm upset.
10. Mrblocko has been here to help deal with the difficult mornings.

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