Monday, September 13, 2010

Fancy Pants

Near tragedy struck our house last week. Blockette's favorite jeans developed holes in both knees!!!! How could this happen? Well they were hand me downs from my best friend's daughter. Two crazy girls equals holes in the knees.

I told Blockette that we could patch up the holes. Well she was all about that idea. Blockette decided that a heart and smiley face patch would look peachy. She was very specific about having a red heart and a yellow face. I let her pick from my stash and she chose a heart fabric for the heart and a yellow gingham for the face.When I asked her what kind of face she wanted she said, "A smiley face with 2 eyes and a nose." Talk about sassy. I drew her a few options and she was not pleased with any of them. So I told her to draw me what she wanted. What she drew was cuter than anything I could have come up with. I enlarged her creation to fit the whole patch and painted it on with fabric paint.

The paint needed to cure for 24 hours to insure proper drying. 24 hours is a loooong time for a 5 year old. Ages, doncha know. I sewed the patch on while she was at school on Friday. When she got home I told her I had a surprise waiting for her. Who knew patches were so exciting? She put the pants on right away to model them.
After I took her picture she said, "Mommy can I take my new pants off now? They aren't very comfortable." I crinkled my nose and wondered if I had put all that work into jeans that she was no longer going to wear. When she took them off I saw that she had put them on right over her knit pants. No wonder she felt restricted.

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