Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thankful Thurs 29

1. The cool sun shower and rainbow on Monday morning
2. A fun time at Mrblocko's family reunion
3. The dryer vent issue could be worse. (I'm not sure how, but things could always be worse right?)
4. Fall is finally here.
5. We have a leaf blower so it is now Mrblocko's responsibility to put all those leaves that have begun to accumulate on the lawn.
6. I've still got lots of (at least 80) green cherry tomatoes ripening on the vine.
7. My strawberry plants are starting to kick into high gear as well.
8. At least I didn't have any plans for today that had to be cancelled because the dryer vent is getting replaced.
9. I'm getting together with friends on Sat!
10. I got a bit of my Xmas shopping done already with some great sales.

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