Friday, February 14, 2014

A really old Crochet Finish

I think I made this shawl sometime over the summer of 2013.  It's another prayer shawl for church.

 I used nearly 2 skeins of Blue Mint Caron Simply Soft, and a partial skein of Oceana Caron Simply Soft.  I really love making shawls from this yarn.  They turn out so soft and comfy.  Blockette wants to keep every single one I make.

You can find the pattern for this shawl on ravelry or here.

 The cool thing about this shawl is it's funky partial hexagon shape.
This is a shawl you can really get bundled and wrapped up in.

The church seems to have a plethora of shawls these days so I think I'm going to call it quits on crocheting prayer shawls for the time being. 

Hope you find a good home and give lots of hugs to your owner little hexy blue shawl!  Happy travels.

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