Monday, February 17, 2014

Where I discover my dislike of warm almond milk

I love me some hot chocolate.  Unfortunately milk doesn't really like me.  I can have it in small amounts, just not 8oz in one sitting.

I've tried various brands coconut milk and rice milk and found them both to not be to my liking.  Then I found Silk almond milk.  While it doesn't taste a whole lot like dairy milk, I do enjoy the taste.

So it would be a logical conclusion that I would love a steaming cup of hot chocolate.  I even found this recipe from Never homemaker where it actually calls for almond milk in the recipe.  I took two sips and spit it out, cursing the recipe all the way to the sink.

Then I made myself a cup of instant hot chocolate with the almond milk.


It wasn't the recipe from never was mine own tastebuds.

Sigh. I'm forced to settle for water based hot chocolate (boo.) or being doubled over in pain (boo.  hiss.)

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