Friday, April 25, 2014

The power of BACON!

I saw this pattern for a crochet bacon scarf at Drunken Aunt Wendy and knew that I had to make it for my baconophile husband. 

He went totally gaga for it.

I mean how could he not?  It looks like a piece of bacon just sitting there, waiting to be eaten.

"Mom!  Why does this bacon taste fuzzy?"
No Blockette!  It's not for eating!!!

This scarf was really fun to crochet.  All the lumps and bumps make it a great project for a beginner.  If you make a mistake who is going to know?  Can't keep your tension even?  Perfect...the more irregular, the better the end result looks!

After a few weeks of wearing the scarf Mrblocko commented on how he couldn't get the scarf to keep from twisting up.  I told him that's how the scarf was supposed to be.  When you cook bacon it twists and curls in lumps and bumps.  I'm sure that if I blocked the scarf it would eliminate some of that, but I feel it would make the scarf look less realistic.

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