Monday, November 30, 2009

Fairy Poppet Present Finished!!!!

Blockette is going to her first Birthday party of someone who isn't one of the offspring of my or Mrblocko's friends. I've been feeling the crafty bug so I figured I'd kill 2 birds with one stone, and make a special present. This is the fourth poppet I've made. I got the pattern and various tutorials from ghilie's Poppet-a-long on Craftster.

This time around, I really learned a lot. I got better at attaching the hair, worked up enough courage to bake a clay nose (which involved sticking the whole head in the oven), and successfully made bendable fingers instead of paws. I also finally figured out how to make decent looking eyelids as well.

The thing that I'm most proud of with this doll is that I made the wings, dress, undies and shoes completely from scratch. I've never been good at drafting patterns. These all turned out far better than I expected. They actually look decent. Yay me!
Have you guessed yet who she is supposed to be? Maybe this will help:
Don't they look flitteriffic together?


  1. Cute!
    I love the way you did her hair ^^

  2. :o I love the booties and the hair! wow! :D

  3. HHHmmmm. Since I don't see a mouth I know who it isn't. Also, shoes......I didn't know people still wore those.....

  4. Wow she is so pretty!!! I just found your blog I was looking for tinkerbell crafts and I love your poppet. Well my 2 year old daughter loved it too! I followed the link for the patterns and is kind of hard to follow all the links. Could you please, please send me the patters that you use for your poppet! I'll love to give tinkerbell to my daughter as a chritsmas present. Please!!!!! Iwant to learn how to do it! If you don't have time right now It's ok. I can wait, maybe it can be a birthday present for next year in May. I hope you can!!!
    Or do you sell them??? I saw some dolls on internet but they are expensive.

  5. Here is a better link to how to make a basic poppet: poppet tutorial

    I made 3 poppet dolls before I made Tink. The directions are really good but it took me a good 3 months of reading them over and over before I got the courage to make one. I learned a lot about stuffing the doll and eye placement from the previous dolls.

    Here is the link for the tutorial I used to make the hair:hair tutorial

    and here is the pattern for the fingered hand

    I modified this dress pattern to make Tink's dress

    Does this help? I don't know how else to contact you other than commenting here.

  6. Thak you so much, I appreciate that you are sharing. I loved your poppet and so does my daughter. Im kind of nervous this will be the first time of doing a doll. What kind of fabric did you used? Can it be any kind of fabric? I hope I'll get it right. If you have any more tips or something here is my e-mails: or
    THANKS AGAIN!!!! :)


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