Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Not Barney Dino Plushie

I feel like I'm making great progress on the hand made Christmas presents this year. Last year I was just running around, scrambling at the last minute trying to cram everything in. This year I had a plan. I decided ahead of time what I was going to make and for who. Already I'm feeling less stressed out. Since I'm not rushed, I can actually get excited about the things I'm making for people as I'm making them.

This little guy is made out of fuzzy purple microsuade for my newest nephew. He was born at the end of Oct at 26 weeks. The little guy is a fighter and is making great progress. At about 12 inches, the Dino is probably just a bit smaller than my nephew.

I know when people think of purple dinosaurs they immediately conjure up images of Barney. This is clearly not Barney purple. Besides, isn't Barney more like a T-Rex than a Brontosaurus? It kind of makes you wonder why Barney hangs out with all those kids. I get the impression Barney is NOT a vegetarian. It's a great plan, lulling those kids into a saccharine induced stupor with his viral songs. Barney's no dolt. He's got a good racket going.

Anyhow, I didn't make this Dino purple because of Barney. Nope. I did it cause of the Vikings. Mrblocko and his brother are big fans. I'm wondering if it would be overkill to stitch, in gold, a number 4 on the side or the word "Vikings" on the tail. What do you think? Should I leave well enough alone or add embellishment?

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