Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thankful Thurs 7

1. Finding coins on a walk
2. Mrblocko was able to jerry-rig the grill to work for just a bit longer
3. The dryer fluff in the robin's nest outside Blockette's window.
4. Nicor didn't ruin either garden when they were working on the gas line.
5. Nicor tilled up a particularly rooty part of the yard and now I can easily plant something there.
6. The dryer doesn't always make that weird noise.
7. The awesome sale at Old Navy.
8. Giving the loaners back...again.
9. Mrblocko giving me a bit of a break by driving Blockette to school 2 days in a row.
10. Grocerys costing a lot less that I budgeted for.
11. Pigs, natures perfect food.
12. Getting a chance to finish a good book.

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