Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thankful Thurs #14

1. No mean April Fools Jokes.                      2. An awesome stay at home Spring break.

3. Blockette does not freak out about large spiders. (Even when they are furry.)

4. Blockette can ride her bike all by herself. (Now we just have to work on stopping and steering.)

5. The trees are blooming.

6. Mrblocko was able to wave two separate bank fees. (How does he do that?  He didn't do anything except say, "I need you to remove these fees."  I was practically crying the day before and I got nuthin.)

7. The fence is nearly finished.

8. I found one of the kitties' "juicy toot" on the bedspread in time to wash it before bedtime.

9. It wasn't a big deal I forgot to buy stamps at the store last week, cause I wound up not needing any.

10. Blockette's new obsession with the movie "The Ten Commandments" and consequently anything to do with ancient Egypt because I'm secretly (or not so secretly) obsessed with it too.


  1. What a great list! Your daughter is growing by leaps and bounds!!!! Happy Easter!

  2. Thanks, she is growing like a weed.:)


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