Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thankful Thurs #17

1. No one was home to see how I licked every last bit of Biscoff out of the jar.

2. Blockette scored another goal at her last Soccer game.

3. It was a game that Grandpa was at, so she was even more excited.

4. Mrblocko was nice enough to let me stay home so I didn't freeze off all my appendages.

5. Chocolate Cake.

6. Resisting the urge to buy pizza for dinner on Sun; the fish we had instead was awesome.

7. Mrblocko teaching our God-daughter how to ride a bike.

8. Making time for Blockette to read to me, outside of her school work.

9. Boo snuggling with Blockette and how happy she was about it.

10. I've decided to officially change Boo's name to Boo-ford Aloysuis Poopington III.

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