Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Garden Spring 2013

This year I tripled the size of my garden.  Originally the plan was to plant the two 4'x4' gardens in the back yard.  I mean we cut down our huge diseased tree in the backyard so we should have a ton of sun there.  Right? 

Now that the neighbor's trees all have leaves, I discovered that the ONLY place we have full sun is the area directly over Blockette's swing set.  The rest of the yard gets only morning sun and afternoon shade.  Not the best for growing sun loving veggies.  So we are weirdos and have our veggie garden in the front yard where we get early morning shade.

Here's what we planted this year:

 I just want to say that it was my family that picked out all these veggies.  Well, I picked out the sweet pepper and strawberries.  Blockette was the one who said we had to get peas, beans, cucumber and summer squash.  Mrblocko wanted the spaghetti squash and the jalapeno.

 Luckily the food pantry near us excepts surplus garden harvests, so when we have more squash than we can eat it will go to good use.


  1. You are going to be the envy of your neighbors as they pass by your home.

  2. Hello! This is vanillasugarblog. You won the giveaway at my blog. Please email me!! (this was the Kohl's giveaway)

  3. backroadjournal: Sadly the plants are in shock after 1 day of frost and the next day it got up to 97. I'm hoping they rebound. Our neighbors think we're weird that we have the garden in the front. Where else are we supposed to put it when it's the only place that gets full sun?!

    Vanillasugarblog: Whoohoo! Email sent!


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