Friday, May 16, 2014

Hot Mess Circus Donuts

I got sick of grazing on Easter jelly beans so I thought I should make something out of them to be done with them in one fell swoop.  After much searching I settled on these Jelly Bean Donuts from Melanie Makes.

Oh. My. Word.

What a hot mess they turned out to be.

First, they stuck to the pan and broke apart as a result of the stickage.  Second, the ratio of jelly beans to donut was way way off.  There were more beans than cakey donut!  Third, the jelly beans got so chewy after baking it was almost like eating taffy.  Last of all, they just looked plain ugly.


Hot mess.

I think they look like a circus threw up on them.

Blockette thought they were great.  Mrblocko and I not so much.

Here's what might have went wrong:

First, I made quite a few substitutions.  I had cream in the fridge that needed to be used up so I used that instead of milk.  I also used sour cream instead of yogurt.  This may have made the batter thicker than it should have been.  The thing is that the actual donut part tasted great, so I'm pretty sure these substitutions were not the problem. 

I also don't think these substitutions would have made a difference in the volume of batter.  The donuts on Melanie Makes look the same size as the ones I made, however her recipe states that it makes 12 donuts.  I only got 6.

The substitution that may have caused the biggest problem was the jelly beans.  Her recipe calls for Laffy Taffy Jelly beans.  Mine were some other brand.  Perhaps Laffy Taffy Jelly beans react differently to baking than the brand I used. (I think it was Jolly Rancher flavored Jelly Beans.)

Second, I think the jelly beans may have been better if they had been chopped up in the dough.  Maybe they would have dissolved a little bit more upon baking.

Third, there were just too many jelly beans.  If I were a brave baker, I'd use 1/2 c of jelly beans instead of the 1 c the recipe calls for. 

Let me know if you are bold enough to test out these theories.  I promised my husband that I would NEVER make these donuts again.

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