Friday, May 9, 2014

Viscose Pie

Viscose pie?  What in the world is that?  

It's my feeble attempt at being clever.  
Viscose is the European word for Rayon, or synthetic silk.  
And today's pie is a fake French Silk Pie.  

Yeah, I promise I won't quit my day job. 

I got the idea for this pie when I made Avocado Pudding back in February.  I kept murdering the avocados with neglect, so it took me a while to get around to actually making the pie.

My husband and daughter absolutely LOVED this pie.  I thought it was just ok.  Even though they both knew that it contained Avocado, they each claimed they couldn't taste it.  I, on the other hand, could taste it occasionally, which weirded me out.  It's not like there were big chunks of the green fruit in the pie filling.  The filling was 100% chocolatey brown.  I couldn't figure out why it tasted like I occasionally got a big bite of avocado. 

Perhaps my avocado to sugar ratio was off.  Comparatively, the avocados I used for the pudding were much much smaller than those I used for the pie.  I also used honey this time, instead of syrup.  The syrup had a much stronger flavor, and I think it did a better job of masking the avocado in the pudding than the honey did in the pie. 

Viscose Pie 
6T butter, melted
10 cinnamon graham crackers, crushed into fine crumbs (I used the food processor)
1/4c dark chocolate chips (I used Ghiradelli)
2 avocados, pitted and rough chopped
1/4 c high quality cocoa (I like Penzeys)
1/4 c + 1 T maple syrup or honey
1/4 c + 1T chambord (or Baileys or Kahlua)
1/4 t kosher salt
2 T milk (I used unsweetened vanilla almond)
8 oz cool whip
more chocolate for decoration

Preheat oven to 375F.  Combine butter and crumbs and press into 8 1/2" pie pan.  Bake for 8-10 min.  Let the shell cool completely before filling.

Melt chips in microwave at 30 second intervals, stirring after each time, until fully melted.  Stir in Cocoa powder.  (This prevents the cocoa from becoming a dusty mess when the food processor is turned on.) Place the chocolate in food processor with avocados, syrup, salt, booze and milk.  Blend until even color and super smooth.  Place in large bowl and fold in 1/2 of the cool whip.  Pour this mixture into the pie shell.  Top with remaining cool whip and additional chopped chocolate if desired.  Chill for at least an hour, but the pie tastes better the next day.  Store leftovers in the fridge.

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