Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Project #5: Not A Heart Wreath

This project was supposed to be a wreath made out of hearts. I found the idea back in 2007 from a site called Exploring womanhood. I'm not going to go into how bizarre of a title that is for a crafting website. Let's just agree to let that go. Use mental floss if you have to.

So why did this not turn out to be a wreath? The first reason was that I didn't have enough red fabrics. The directions suggested using eight stuffed hearts. I only had five different red fabrics. Sure, I could have used the same fabric more than once, but not all the fabrics looked nice right next to each other. I also thought having the hearts join up so that they made a five point star in the middle would be neat as well.

Problem number two was that I didn't have an embroidery hoop. OK, so I had an embroidery hoop, but I was using it for...gasp...embroidery. Please don't report me to the crafting police!!!! I really thought that I could get the hearts to stay in a circle by stitching them together. Wrong. They really needed something like the hoop to retain the circular shape.

The last problem was that I made the hearts too wide. If you look at the pictures on the website I referenced above, you can see that they are skinny hearts with a long point. (Apparently I cannot draw or cut a skinny pointy heart. They always turn out squat and pudgy. Hey! Don't judge me! I likes 'em that way. ) The taller type of hearts give more definition to the star shape that forms in the center of the wreath. Even when I laid the hearts I had made out to test their placement, the angles of the points just didn't match up right. It was definitely wonky looking.

Since I didn't want to start over, or buy more materials to fix the problem, I decided to improvise. I went shopping in my crafting stash and found a really wide piece of lace. I stitched the hearts to that. Overall, I think the end result looks cute against our weird looking front door. Mrblocko approved, even though "hearts are for girls." Obviously Blockette loves it as you can see in the photo. She insisted on being in the picture. And yes, in case you were wondering, that IS a Halloween shirt she is wearing in the middle of February.

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