Friday, February 26, 2010

Project #6: Fish Quilt

The birth of my husband's best friend's second child really snuck up on me. I mean I did have nine months to be prepared and it only hit me at the beginning of Feb that the little guy was coming in less than a month.

Normally I make a cross stitch birth sample of some sort for the baby's room. I just haven't been in the cross stitching mood. Since the last quilt went relatively well, I thought I'd make another baby quilt.

The theme of the new baby's room is aquatic so I scoured the interweb for a neat looking fish themed quilt pattern. I happened upon a picture of the up a lazy river quilt pattern.

Because I'm a cheapskate, and I didn't want to risk not getting the pattern in a timely fashion, I decided to tackle the design without a pattern. Besides, I didn't like how close the fish were in the original design. I figured if I was going to alter the pattern anyhow, I might as well use my own measurements. I probably violated some copyright law and they'll be knocking on my door with their semi-automatics to take me away any minute now. (Do you think if I ask nicely they'd let me take a shower first before they put me in the hoosegow?)

I'm very proud of myself that I worked out all the geometry involved on my own. The fins were such a bugger to get pieced together. I did the biggest mega-happy dance when all the pieces matched up. I guess this just goes to show that my mom was right all along, I am good at math. (Yup, mom, you read that correctly. I said, "You were right." Feel free to mark this day down on your calendar for posterity.)

Speaking of my mom, she was in town last weekend and helped me pick out the fabrics. I forgot to show her a picture of the pattern before we went to the fabric store so she was blindly putting fabrics together with me giving the yay or nay to them. It was great to have her along to bounce ideas off of. Mrblocko would have been no help at all.The photo is a bit washed out from the flash, and I thought I had all the ripples smoothed out as well. You get the general idea of what the quilt looks like from the photo though. I'm really proud of how it turned out, wonky stitches, puckers and all. Hopefully the baby will puke and pee and poop on it to his heart's content!

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