Monday, June 14, 2010

Peppermint Brownies

My church's Relay for Life team had a bake sale a few Sunday's ago. We managed to raise about $471. Not too shabby! I donated cinnamon roll caramel corn, and 2 types of bars. These brownies were the least popular out of the 3 things I made. There was one plate left at the end that we "bought back" and took it back home with us.

I chose this particular recipe because they contained York Peppermint Patties. York/Hershey's is a supporter of the Young Survivor Coalition, an organization that is dedicated to the issues faced by young women with breast cancer. I figured making these particular brownies were doing double duty since Hershey donates to YSC and the money raised at the bake sale was going to the American Cancer Society.
This recipe couldn't have been easier. I used a box mix and prepared it per the package directions. Then you pour half the batter into a greased 9x13 pan. (I lined my pan with foil before greasing so I could cut and divide them easier. If I was making this for home consumption I wouldn't have bothered.) Next, you unwrap enough miniature York Peppermint patties,(generic patties melt into the batter and don't give you the nice layers like the York,) to create a single layer in the pan. This took me almost two bags. Finally you pour the remaining batter over the patty layer and carefully spread with a spatula to cover the candies.

Bake per the box instructions. It will take slightly longer than what the box says because of the candies. To test for doneness stick a toothpick just through the top layer being careful not to poke a patty. When the stick comes out relatively clean the bars are done.

I cut these on the large size because I thought they would be more appealing for the bake sale. They were really rich so next time I'll cut them so they are half the size shown above.


  1. Mmm, peppermint patties in the middle of brownies... YUM!

  2. They were good. They can definately go on the "make again" list. :)


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