Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thankful Thursday 16

1. Convincing Blockette to walk with us in the Parade instead of sitting in the back of a truck with her friends.
2. Blockette admitting after the parade that it was more fun to walk in the parade than sit on the truck.
3. Surprise visit with our niece.
4. Checking out a chick flick from the Library and catching Mrblocko watching and laughing along with it while he was suposedly playing a computer game.
5. Blockette's excitement when she found out she was going to her first movie in the theater.
6. The power only went out for a few seconds durring the huge storm.
7. Free ice cream.
8. Blockette doesn't get spooked by storms the way I did as a kid.
9. Less earwigs.
10. Blockette being able to bike around the block without having her wheels spin because they finally fixed all the potholes on our street and the street behind us.

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