Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Degrassi = The Simpsons

Hi. My name is Mrsblocko, and I watch Degrassi. I started watching it back when I was in Jr High and it was called Degrassi Jr High and Degrassi High. Waaay back when the only place you could watch it in the U.S. was on PBS. Way before The N and Teen Nick. I'm not sure if rocks were invented yet.

Now I'm all grown up and, yes, I STILL watch Degrassi: The Next Generation. I could blame it all on my geekiness. They called the new Degrassi, "The Next Generation" after Star Trek: The Next Generation. How could I, Queen Geek that I am, not like something like that. Yes it is a teen soap opera. I'm coming clean and I don't care who knows that I watch a dumb show with a target audience for teens. Whew, that was liberating!

For those of you who are wondering, there is no need for you to feel sorry for Mrblocko. He just plugs in his lap top, slaps on his headphones and plays his computer game de jour. He gets to do something he likes, and so do I. It's a win win situation! yay!

Anywho... I'm bringing this up because season 10 started this week. This time around they are airing it like a telenovela...a new episode every night for 6 weeks. Score! Something to watch on the TV during the broadcast wasteland that is the end of the summer.

After I watched the season opener on Monday, I observed Degrassi and The Simpsons have some strange parallels. Here's what I mean:

The Simpsons:
Edna, A frustrated elementary school teacher falls in love with her boss, the principal, named Skinner. They have known each other for years. They have a whirlwind romance and it ends in disaster.

Degrassi: TNG:
Emma, a frustrated college student falls in love with her new boss, manager of the coffee shop, named Spinner. They have known each other for years. They get married while drunk and decide that they are in deed in love. (Talk about a whirlwind romance...will it end in disaster????)

Weirder still...Emma's step dad is now Degrassi High's new principal...his name??? Mr. Simpson.

Coincidence??? I think not.

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