Wednesday, July 14, 2010

First Harvest

Ever try to take a picture of a 4 year old holding something? A wriggly squirrelly 4 year old? You get 27 blurry pictures before everyone's patience wears out. At least in the photo below you can tell Blockette is holding a tomato and not a pink blob with a red blob in the middle.

Blockette was so excited about our first cherry tomato. Every time we went outside we had to check to see if the tomato was red enough to pick. When we decided it had ripened enough I asked her, "So, are you gonna eat it?"
Then I said, "But you grew it. You grew it yourself and you don't want to eat it?"
"Well yeah! I DO want to eat it!" Blockette exclaimed. Mrblocko cut the tiny cherry tomato in half so they could share in the bounty. I told Blockette to pop the whole piece in her mouth. She actually listened. At first, she made a funny face, but then when I asked her how it was she said, "I like it mommy. It was delicious."

I asked Mrblocko how it tasted. He shrugged and said, "Like a warm tomato."

Well yeah...I just picked it and it was hot out. Of course it was warm. When the other cherry tomatoes ripen I'll pick them earlier in the day and let them cool off in the fridge a bit before dinner.


  1. Monkey's UncleJuly 15, 2010 at 10:06 PM

    Hey Bucko! easy on the fridge for storing. Sure, if you want to cool a tomato off a little fridge time is ok but leaving them in there for days will make them less flavorful. Remember you grew them for their freshness and taste. TIP: some types of cherries are prone to spliting when ripening on the vine so pick before they are cherry red and ripen in the house...or just eat the suckers off the vine!

  2. I doubt there is any chance of the cherry tomatoes splitting on the vine before we bring them into eat. Everytime we go out of the house, Blockette has to check on the tomato plants, even if we've already been out 15 min prior.

    Don't worry, I won't store the tomatoes in the fridge. I'm only gonna put them in there to take the heat of the day off of them.


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