Tuesday, December 27, 2011

'11 Happy Dance #39 and #40: Needle Cases

More Christmas presents!  These I made for my mom who was complaining that she didn't like the disorganization of having all her crochet hooks and knitting needles in a plastic bag.

Here is the case I made for her crochet hooks:
The pink in the photo is less mauve-y in real life.  I don't know why the colors turned out so wonky.  I tried taking the picture on different backgrounds and with different light sources with no success.

My best friend's mom made me a crochet hook case, so I used that as a pattern for this one.

I thought I had lined up the pattern with the fabric lines, but apparently not.  We'll just call it modern.  All the "Modern" quilts are askew and off center.  Yeah.  I meant to make it that way.  Cutting edge dontcha know!

Here is the knitting needle case:

It is the mother of all knitting needle cases.  This baby is huge.  As I had no idea of what sizes or quantities of knitting needles my mom had I wanted to make sure there was lots and lots of room.  I figured it was better to have too much storage rather than not enough.

I found the pattern for this case here at Alexandra's Knits.  I looked at lots and lots of tutorials online and this one was my favorite.  Besides the ones you can buy at the fabric store are really tiny and frankly, quite ugly.  (Although Blockette disagreed because they were sort of rainbowy colored, if you squinted, and "how could you call a rainbow ugly?  Huh?  Why do you think rainbows are ugly mom?"  Sigh.)

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