Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hawaiian Smoothie

I was in the mood for a smoothie. Yeah. I realize it's December. Not exactly smoothie weather. It's not like it's been super cold or anything. I mean according to my Crocuses (Croci?) it's early spring. Sigh.

Anyhow, this is the Hawaiian smoothie from alla Poppy.

I made this version with 12 frozen canned mandarin oranges and 12 frozen pineapple chunks, also from a can. I omitted the coconut and marshmellows because I thought the smoothie was going to be sweet enough without them. I was right.

For me, this is a great way to get some fruit into my diet. I really don't eat enough fruit.  Yeah Mom, I know the canned stuff is loaded with sugar, but it's better than no fruit at all. 

Hawaiian Smoothie from alla Poppy
9-12 cubes of frozen canned pineapple
9-12 segments of frozen canned mandarin orange
about a half cup of yogurt
flaked coconut

Put pineapple and orange in blender, add yogurt, and pour in a good amount of milk.(My blender needed about a cup.) Blend until smooth. Top with flaked coconut and marshmellows if you're feeling super fancy.

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