Friday, August 24, 2012

Belated Thankful Thurs #33 and 34

1. Some beautiful fall like weather.

2. Hand me downs. I had very little back to school clothes shopping to do. 

3. Blockette's awesome performance in her first church musical.

4. I got a part time job as a crossing guard!

5. At least we found out our trees have Emerald Ash Borer before they totally fell over dead.

6. I have a job to help pay for our tree removal.

7. Blockette was not in her room when her ceiling fan fell.

8. I was able to get the ladder under the fan to stop the ceiling from falling apart. (The fan was too heavy for me to disassemble by myself.)

9. Mrblocko came home without me asking him to, in order to take the fan down. (It was balanced rather precariously on the ladder.)

10. Our handy neighbor came over after work and reattached the metal box that was supposed to be attached to the ceiling beam with several very long beastly screws.

11. Mrblocko agreed that we should not attempt to reattach the fan before heading out to MN that night.

12. A great visit with my mom.

13. Blockette loves the ren fair as much as I did at that age.

14. We all survived the long summer break without going completely insane.

15. I managed to find gym shoes the day before school started.  I checked them the week before and the ones she had fit just fine.  What is she doing? Growing in her sleep? 

16. Blockette's teacher seems like a great fit. 

17. Blockette LOVES school.

18. Naps!

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