Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thankful Thurs #32

1. Blockette and Mrblocko biked 4 miles together., and Blockette only complained about the hills, not the distance.  (I mean can you blame her?  Hills are the worst.)

2. Getting together with friends for lunch.

3. Almost making it home from our friend's house before the torrential rains started.(If we had left their house any later we would have had to sit on the side of the tollway and wait out the storm.)

4. Making it home without incident.  (There was a close call when the car ahead of us couldn't see the road and went into the oncoming lane of traffic!)

5. No big branches on the tree fell in the big storm.

6. We now have a tiny patch of backyard that gets some sun for part of the day since Mrblocko trimmed a really large branch hanging over the house.

7. We have lots of wood (once it drys out) for our new fire pit that I bought with the gift card I won from Lowes.

8. Music camp for Blockette all this week!

9. Actually being productive while Blockette is away for a few hours.

10.Mrblocko talks sense into me when I'm being irrational.

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