Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thankful Thurs #35

1. We got Blockette's ceiling fan up again.  (Although working properly is a different story altogether.)

2. Nice visit with friends.

3. Not panicking (too much) being the hostess.

4. The rain stopped before I had to stand outside in it.

5. Not getting sick while working.

6. Being patient while Blockette had a meltdown.

7. It's been nearly a month since her last meltdown.  (Which is a huge improvement from the biweekly meltdowns at the beginning of the summer.)

8. Blockette apologized on her own without prompting.

9.  Mrblocko and I chillin out watching TV together without one of us reading, sewing or playing on the computer.  (We've just finished season 1 of Mad Men and we're hooked!)

10. The school secretary was very nice when I filled out my time sheet incorrectly...twice.  (Yeah, I felt super special.)

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