Tuesday, August 7, 2012

How We Kick it Old School

People think we are weird because this is how we roll:

1. We don't own an I pod. - We listen to music on the radio, or on Pandora.

2. We don't own an e-reader. - We read REAL booky books, from the Library no less.

3. We don't own a gaming system.  - All the games we play are on the computer.

4. We don't own smart phones.

5. We don't go on the internet with our phones.

6. We don't text on our phones.  (Ok Mrblocko does occasionally if that is the only way he can get a hold of a client, but it's less than 5 texts a month.)

7. We don't have any Movie channels or movie subscriptions.  - We watch movies on Hulu for free, or borrow them from friends or the library.

8. We don't do Facebook. - Ok sure I have an account, but only so I can use pinterest.

9. We don't use Twitter.

10.  Up until a month ago, I was still using my cd/cassette tape player I bought in high school.  Poor thing, the magic smoke finally left it.  Sniff sniff.


  1. Oh sure...Mrblocko had to go and prove me wrong this month with the texts. He sent a whopping 12 last month. What ever am I going to do with him?

  2. Being a technology teacher - I cannot relate! LOL!!!

  3. I bet we seem super weird to you!


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