Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thankful Thurs #31

1. A day at home to myself.

2. Not having to water my tomatoes for over two weeks. (Yay rain!)

3. Not having a melt down when Blockette was having one, even though I wanted to.

4. Birthday month is here!

5. I won this contest! (Big thank you to the blog "Crap I've Made")

6. A fun trip to the Planetarium.

7. Blockette with the giggles.

8. Figuring out what was wrong with my Roma tomatoes. (Blossom End Rot. Bleck.)

9. Maybe I fixed the stinky bathroom sink problem. (We'll see in the next few days.)

10. Going to Feed My Starving Children with Blockette. I've never felt like I've done so much good in just 2 hours. (And it was fun too!)

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