Monday, February 25, 2013

Another Embroidered Patch

One day these pants will be one solid patch.  

And on That Day...they will have maximum awesome-ness.

Basil says, "Why are you taking a picture of these jeans Mom?"

Close up of the patch:
 I found the image here.  It was far too large and detailed for what I wanted, so I cropped, reversed and rearranged several of the scissors.

The stitches used on this design were mainly backstitch and running stitch with some satin and chain stitches thrown in for fillers.

So why is the patch so huge?

The hole that this patch covers was fairly small, but the fabric in the whole section under the patch was quite thin.

These jeans will need at least two more patches in the not too distant future.  The fabric above the patches, below the front pockets, is wearing thin.  I can wear two pairs of long underwear under these jeans so they are getting a lot of wear this winter for work!

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