Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Anthropology Hack Jeans - Superstar Edition

I saw this tutorial for heart print jeans tutorial over at My Little Secrets.  
It was a hack on some dark blue jeans with white hearts you could purchase at Anthropology for a whopping $188. 

They were super cute, but ugh...not at that price.

Plus most of my jeans have embroidery patches on them, and I'd like to keep at least one pair as plain unaltered denim.

So that means I raid Blockette's closet for my crafting experiment!

She had a pair of gray jeans that I had dyed fushia earlier in the school year.  
They were hand me downs and Blockette hated the faded black look.  
After nearly staining the tub, I had some pinkish jeans that were pretty neat.  
When I discovered them in her room the other day, I knew they would be perfect for this project.

I told Blockette what I wanted to do, and showed her the picture.  
I told her that I would make the hearts silver instead of white.  
She was totally on board.  Blockette even lent me her stencils to do the job.  

Her stencils had two different sized hearts and as I was in the process of deciding between the two, I noticed that there were stars on the same stencil.  

Then it hit me....stars would be WAY cooler.  

I asked Blockette which she would rather have, stars or hearts. 
Without missing a beat she exclaimed "Stars!"

 I think they take the jeans to a whole 'nother level of coolness. 
 Unlike the hack at My Little Secrets, I stenciled stars on the front and the back.  
I left the rear pockets plain for contrast.

And here is proof of how cool the "new" jeans are.  
Apparently, this is how you "lounge" when you are super cool.
No one ever told me. 
Guess that's how come I'm not super cool.
When you are super cool, you don't need to be told how to act cool.

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  1. I'm so sad...these jeans went into the donation bin yesterday. She outgrew them so quickly! Hopefully another little girl will get as much enjoyment out of them as Blockette did.


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