Friday, February 22, 2013

Chocolate Chip Cookie Round Up

Have you ever noticed how many chocolate chip cookie recipes there are?  It's crazy!

I've tried the following:

1. Levain Bakery Copycat (My all time favorite!)

2. The one that uses hard boiled eggs (Great for post Easter when you have hard boiled eggs coming out your ears, and no one wants to eat them for breakfast anymore.)

3. Dairy Free Chocolate Chip cookies (I made these for Hubby's Best Friend who is lactose intolerant.  His wife made them and they turned out disastrous for her.  Oh bother.)

4. Fluffy Brown Sugar Cookies (Mostly brown sugar and fluffier and puffier than the classic Tollhouse recipe.

5. Whole Wheat pizzookies (A huge individual deep dish cookie...with whole know, cause that makes it healthy.)

6. Cookie Brittle (An addictive shortbread-ish version of the chocolate chip cookie)

7. Cookies made with Olive oil instead of shortening or butter (Slight hint of toffee!)

8. Cookies in the shape of bowls for ice cream (Have your bowl and eat it too!)

9. Oreo stuffed cookies (a cookie within a cookie?  Yes please!)

10. "Turducken" cookies (An oreo baked inside a brownie baked inside a cookie.  Can you even handle it?)

11. Mystery surprise cookies (Chocolate chip cookies with leftover Halloween chocolate candy bars hidden inside.)

Eleven different cookies!  Yikes.  Then I went through my pinterest cookie board and found at least 20 more DIFFERENT recipes.  I thought that if I made one cookie a month I'd make a dent in that pile of recipes.  I made one in January and in February already but haven't gotten around to writing up the posts yet.  Stay tuned for monthly cookie excitement!

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