Thursday, February 7, 2013

I've got Big Buns

Yeah I've secretly been wanting to write "big buns" as a post title for YEARS.  Finally, the opportunity has presented itself!  Actually, this is another post about....



This is another thing I made over Christmas.  I think it's a perfect thing for a beginner as it is just a single crochet rectangle whip stitched together.

(Yes, that IS Ariel standing on her head in the background.  It's the only way to get ALL the water out of her tail so that nasty black mold doesn't grow in there.) what IS it?

It's a "sock" bun!  There are a bunch of hair styling tutorials (here and here are the ones I've seen most) out there on using a sock to give volume to a hair bun.  There is even a tutorial on how to get big "no heat" curls using a sock bun.

Basically what you do is cut the toe off an old sock and roll it into a donut.  You want the sock to be similar to your hair color in case the donut shows through.  Personally, I think putting a sock in your hair is gross.  I don't want something that was on my feet to be in my hair.  I know the socks are clean, but it just ooks me out for some reason.

Then I saw this crocheted pattern from sock bun over at Crochet Dynomite.  I even had brown yarn leftover from a craft project from years ago.

I must have used thicker yarn, or crocheted looser than the sample over at Crochet Dynomite because my bun was REALLY big!  
Ugh, it's a pain to try to take a picture of the back of your own head.

One of the benefits to using a crocheted bun roll vs a sock, is that you can easily stick bobby pins through the entire bun so the whole thing is super secure.  I put this bun in my hair to keep it out of my way while I scrubbed the dinning room floor after we had the ceiling fixed.  The dry wall dust got into every crack and crevasse on the wood floor, so there was some serious scrubbing going on. 

Had I just used a butterfly clip it would have fallen out after 15 min.  Those things never stay in my hair unless it's soaking wet.  The fact that this style stayed in my dry hair while I cleaned was awesome.

I didn't get a chance to test out the sock bun curls.  In the winter, I wear my hair down for extra warmth when I go to work, so I had to take the bun out after a few hours.

And for my fellow geeks: Yes, I did make two buns, just in case I want to rock it Princess Leia style


  1. Oh my gosh! Your bun shaper turned out great, and it was worth the effort to take the back-of-your-head picture because your hair looks so great!!! I'm getting a kick out of the upside down Ariel, heh, we have a bunch of wet princesses around here too!
    xo Jaime

  2. Thanks! This was actually the first thing I crocheted after many years of not picking up a hook. I had to have my mom reteach me because I had forgotten everything. It was the perfect thing to get my feet wet with. Thank you for sharing the tutorial! (and thanks for stopping by!)

    ps there's nothing worse than the drama of having to pitch a favorite bath toy because you discover the cursed black crud of doom!

  3. Hi, Found you at Jaimes Blog, arent these fun to make :)

  4. They are! Yours looks great on your blog too!

  5. ty, I messed with the pattern ,and made a small one , I am going to give it to a friends little daughter :)

  6. I bet she will love it. Of course I went and got 11 inches cut off of my hair yesterday so I won't be bunning it up for quite some time!

  7. omgosh 11 inches, I want mine trimmed, it is almost to middle of my back but guess what my son said lol
    He said no i would not look normal
    Girl whats normal rofl

  8. lol! normal? I don't know that I've ever looked normal!

    I'm really happy with the short hair. I've been growing it out to donate. Knowing my hair is going someplace special made the drastic change a lot easier!


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