Friday, March 29, 2013

Chunky Braid-y Scarf

This Chain Loop Scarf by Hidden Daisyy  was so much fun to make.  Probably because it stitched up lickety split.

The whole thing is a series of several chains closed to make individual loops. Then you wrap the loops with yarn on one side to keep them together.

I think this is a perfect scarf for the beginner who hasn't quite figured out how to move past chaining onto making a second row with single or double crochet.
I think the loops look sort of like they were braided.  This effect is a result of using super bulky yarn, often classified as a 6 on the label.

For this scarf I used slightly more than one skein of Lion Brand Yarn Hometown USA in Portland Wine. Each Skein in this brand is 5 oz or 81yds.

Blockett thought this yarn was very scratchy.  I don't know what she was talking about.  It's a very soft 100% acrylic yarn. I think it was thick and bulky, and she didn't like it up so close to her neck.

I chose purple for this scarf because, at the time, the Vikings were doing really well.  Of course, I was finishing up this scarf while watching the game that eliminated them from the play-offs.  Serves me right for trying to display a little team spirit.   They've got all spring and summer to get their act together, right?  RIGHT!?  sigh.


  1. strike a pose, she is adorable, love the 2nd photo.
    Love the scarf also :) pretty colors.

  2. Thank you! She is a ham and a much better model than I.

  3. love this chain loop scarf but don't really get how to finish the yarn wrap without it coming undone hope u can help!! thank U!

  4. You just wrap the yarn around the crocheted loops over and over until you can't see the crocheted loops anymore. You can do this for as long of a length as you want. When you have the desired length and thickness take a yarn needle and weave it into the wrapped area. I stuck my needle into the middle of the wrapped area and then came out toward the middle. My wrapping was tight enough that it stayed in place but you could go back through the middle to the center a few times if you were worried about it coming out. You could even weave the tail into one of the crocheted chains if you wanted. I hope this helps!


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