Friday, March 1, 2013

Snowman Snow

Tuesday we got out biggest snow of the year so far...4 inches.  Four inches of the wettest snow ever.  While it was back breaking to shovel, it was perfect for making a snowman.

Blockette made this snowman all by herself.  Well, I helped her stack the layers. The snow was so heavy I had to struggle to lift the middle ball.  Of course I had noodle arms from driveway snow removal duty.  That's my excuse, and not because I'm a wimpy girly girl.

I think it's the cutest snowman in the history of snowbeings. 

Last year my mom gave Blockette a snowman kit, but we didn't get enough of the right kind of snow to use it.  It was so awesome to have everything handy.  There was no arguing over how Blockette needs to wear her scarf more than the snowman does.  I think the scarf in the kit was the perfect size.  And don't you just dig the heart?  Uber cuteness!  Thanks mom!!!

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