Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Infinity Scarves

I fell in love with this artfully simple infinity scarf by Moogly back in December.   It was one of the patterns I took up with me when I visited my mom over Christmas.
 Yes, I know these pictures were taken in the bathroom.  It's been super cloudy and it was the only place in the house that had halfway decent light.
I messed up stitching it the first time so I wound up ripping the whole thing out 4 rows into it.  The first row had gotten insanely twisted up on itself.  So much so, by the time I got to the fourth row it was nearly impossible to add a fifth row.  Once I figured that out, it stitched up super fast.

As this scarf took up an entire skein of yarn, and I bought the yarn up in MN, and promptly tossed the label in the trash once I finished, I have no idea what sort of yarn I used.  While I liked the scarf, I thought it looked a lot bulkier and thicker than the one over at Moogly. 

Shortly after I returned home, I found myself in the yarn section of Joann Fabrics.  (Amazing how that happens! It's like magic!)  The store that is closest to my house has a much larger yarn section than the one by my mom in Minnesota.  I even found the brand used in the original scarf  (Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable.)   When I got home I discovered I chose the exact same color (tidal) as in the instructions.  (Great minds think alike!)
Blockette is so kind to be my model!

I think the second scarf has a much nicer drape.

Here are the 2 scarves side by side.  The one on the top is the second scarf I made.  Even though both yarns were labeled by the manufacturer as a "4" or worsted, the yarn used to make the yarn on the bottom was a lot thicker.

Also notice how the first scarf has a mottled look, and the second scarf looks almost striped.  Both scarfs were variegated, but the Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable yarn's color change was much longer than the first yarn I used.  When I bought the first yarn I thought it DID have a long length before the color change, but I was clearly mistaken.  So, if you want the stripy look for your scarf and you cant find Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable, look for a yarn that has a very long stretch of the same color before it fades into the next one on your skein!


  1. Oh that is cute.

  2. Lovely! Great comparison of the different effects you get with different yarns too. :)


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