Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Drawer Organization

Ok more organizational stuff today.  I've been on this big cleaning and organizing kick.  We live in a smaller house, at least smaller that we used to 8 years ago.  Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by all our stuff and I have to evaluate the usefulness of our belongings.  This involves going through all our junk which usually makes the house a mess in the process.

Then I get reminded of things that make me grind my teeth.

I hate having to do something over that I already did nicely the first time.  Particularly, I hate folding T-shirts.

Why?  It's not like it's hard or anything.  I just feel like it was a huge waste of my time. I'd do the laundry and fold the clothes so the drawer would look something like this:

AW.  See how nice and neat that looks?  Yeah.  Until you try to find a particular shirt.  Then all the shirts get smooshed around, and never put back as nicely as they were the first time.  Then they get all wrinkly and I've got people in this house wondering why their clothes look like they were slept in.

Then I found this tutorial from Get Simplified.  The shirts are folded in the same way I was doing it before, except with the added step of folding them in half again.  (Visit that site if you're curious.  There's a video tutorial.)

Now the same drawer looks like this:

Notice how there is still room in the drawer!  The way things were placed in the drawer before, the drawer just barely shut. 

Now I don't have to worry about the clothes getting wrinkled or having to refold all the clothes in the drawer every week.  You can see what shirt you want at a glance.  No more rummaging around.

I thought it was so great I did my drawer:

Again, this drawer was so full it barely shut.

Then I did Blockette's:

I did hers in color groups.  This now solves the problem of not being able to find a shirt that goes with a certain pair of pants.  OR, sometimes she has to wear a certain color for special events at school.  This eliminates one more drama moment in the morning routine.  Less drama = win.

So maybe folding the clothes like this is anal retentive. Ok.  Yeah, but it is a huge time saver.  I'm only folding the clothes once, I haven't had to rewash anything to get the wrinkles out and less AM whine from the munchkin.  This leaves me more time to be lazy.  Hooray!


  1. DH Jeff does his t-shirts like that,and your right it does make a lot of room. Ha so much he thinks he has to have dozen of t-shirts rofl.

    Have a Blessed Day ;)

  2. Yeah I realize my husband has a lot of tshirts. Sometimes he will wear 3 shirts a day when it's hot out.(One to mow- gets sweaty so showers and changes, goes out biking with our daughter - gets sweaty so showers and changes, etc)

    Now that I think about it, so do I if it's hot outside I sweat and change twice with work. No wonder it feels like there is so much more laundry in the warmer months...there is!


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