Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Fake Entrelac Scarf

I made this scarf to challenge myself with a new technique.  It uses a crochet technique called Tunisian Crochet.  This stitch is sort of like a hybrid of crochet and knitting.  Since I'm a hopeless case at knitting, I thought, maybe if I could figure out how to do this type of crochet, it would make learning how to knit a bit easier.

While I haven't yet attempted to teach myself to knit, I found this new stitch quite easy to learn.  There is this awesome video I watched that was created by Crochet Geek that I found invaluable. I watched it over and over, and with many stops and starts, stitched along with the video.  Eventually, I was able to crochet the pattern away from the computer, and even stitch it while simultaneously watching TV!  Once I figured out the rhythm, it was a piece of cake.

I wished this pattern looked a bit more like the knitting entrelac stitch.  While it is similar, it's not exactly the same.  With knitting, the direction of the yarn alternates with each diamond row.  With the Tunisian crochet the stitch direction stays the same.  I'm sure there is a way to change this, but I'm not advanced enough to figure it out.

This pattern yields a dense fabric.  I think if I was going to make another scarf with this stitch, I'd use a sock weight yarn instead of a worsted weight/4.  The scarf would have a much better drape.  As it is, it sort of stands up around your face.  It's definitely a scarf for wearing on a super cold day, and not a fashion accessory style scarf like the others I've made. 

The yarn I used for this scarf was 100% acrylic  Loops and Threads Impeccable in: Amethyst, Kelly Green and Ginseng, purchased at Michael's.


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