Monday, April 22, 2013

Pictures from Rainstorm on Thurs

We had a huge rainstorm this past Thursday.  This was the biggest flooding of the river that I can remember since we've been living in this town.

Found these pictures here. They were NOT taken by me.  I just wanted to compile a few places that were relevant to our daily lives.
This is the far end of our street.   What we call "The End and Back," not quite to the "End"

This is the street by the golf course that I take to get to important places like the grocery store and Target. Notice the for sale sign is nearly covered.

This is the road to get to Soccer Practice.
This is the road we take to get to church.  The creek has taken over.

Same road from a different angle. The River is at the far end of the photo.

The Park engulfed by the river.

Another shot of the park.
The park taken from the bridge on "main" st.
The park's parking lot.

"Main" St.

Over all things could have been a lot worse, but I think it can be done raining for a while.

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