Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Proof: I love my BOOTS

When I was a punk kid I hated to wear shoes, even in the winter.  I'd run around barefoot if I could get away with it.  And boots?  Forget about it.  If I had to shovel. I'd snag a pair of my mom's.  Boots were just so totally uncool.  Like for sure.  Gag me with a pitchfork.

My uncle use to tease me mercilessly about this.  That's what uncles do.  At least the crazy ones.

What my uncle doesn't realize was that was a LOOOONG time ago.  And I have seen the light.

Look! Seee?????


And because that isn't enough for my uncle, here they are on my feet:
 These winter boots have kept me warmer than any other pair of winter boots I've ever had.  I love how they have that plastic "rain boot/duck shoe" foot.  They are awesome for cold slushy days. They are also great for "boot shoveling" when people don't shovel their sidewalk by the cross walk.

I'm convinced these are the best fashion boots ever.  They are slouchy and scuffy and don't make my feet look enormous!  I love this color brown so much I want to eat it.  But of course I won't cause my feet were in these boots and that is nasty.

And finally, my newest boot acquisition:  Rain boots a la Walmart clearance.  I bought these because it's too warm for my winter boots and apparently it's monsoon season.  They are so comfy, it's like they were made for me! Plus they have that bright orange on them. Anything that makes me less likely to get run over is always a bonus.

I'm sure that STILL isn't enough for my doubting uncle.  
He'll say that I hired a stunt double.  
I don't think I could pay a stunt double enough money to wear my nasty yoga pants and robe.

I love my boots.
And that's what I have to say about that.

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