Monday, June 24, 2013

June 2013 Garden Update

Here's what my garden looks like!

Below is the garden with the strawberries, heirloom tomato and spaghetti squash.
 The rabbits ate several of the strawberry plants down the the ground so I've pretty much given up on them.  The heirloom tomato is the tallest out of the 3 tomato plants I'm growing this year.  And well, as you can see the spaghetti squash is taking over the world.  I had to "prune" it back so it didn't choke out the tomato plant.  So far I have one large marble sized squash from this plant.

Below is my saddest garden.

The rabbits ate my peas and beans down to the root.  The green house had a sale on veggies, 50% off so I had to check out that sale. Sadly they did not have any more peas or beans so I got another summer squash and pepper plant.  The squash had three inch and a half squashes and the pepper plant had 3 purple peppers.  Hopefully they won't get transplant shock.  The large monster of a plant in front is a cucumber plant. There are several 2"long  skinny cucumbers growing as well.  The pepper plant to the left of the cucumber has not even had a blossom on it yet.  Maybe it's just a late bloomer.

This garden is just doing "ok."  Nothing spectacular here.
Last year was a lot warmer and sunnier so the tomatoes were much taller this time last year.  The tomato plant on the left has one tiny marble sized tomato on it, so that seems like a good thing.  The pepper plant to the left of the tomato cages have a few blossoms on it, but it seems like it should be taller as well. 

The 2 squash plants in the front are doing ok.  The squash on the left is yellow summer squash.  The hailstorm we got last week knocked off all the blossoms.  I have every confidence that it will bounce back.  The squash on the right has several large blossoms, but only one of them has a baby zucchini at the base.

All things considered, I think the garden is doing pretty well for a brown thumber like me!  Hopefully we'll be overwhelmed with all the veggies by the end of summer!

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