Saturday, March 7, 2015

Earring extravaganza

Here are a few of the earring's I've made lately:

 I love all the colors in the stone of these!  They are purple but not. I'm such a rock nerd.

It's weird. I used to hate light green peridot-esque stones, but these just called my name.  For some reason, even though the color is wrong, they remind me of a peacock.

I'm really into the same but different look. I loved picking out the beads of similar size and tone, but different colors and shapes.
 And here's how they hang:

I've also been a big fan of mixed metals.  This is something else I used to hate a few years ago.  Guess it's just weirdness of getting old.

these have a lovely patina-ed green copper dangle

I cant decide if these are supposed to be fairy wands or shooting stars.

Dia de los muertos earrings.

and finally some super simple tiny silver hoop dangles.

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