Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Pork tenderloin fail

I am no good at cooking pork.  I have the worst luck.  Because of this, I entrust that job to Mrblocko.  This time he was not around to help out and I figured that my skills in the kitchen had improved enough that I could give it another shot.

This might have turned out well if the recipe had been more specific.  Personally, I think the recipe was massively flawed.  This is something that I should have realized if I thought about it.

The glaze was just butter and honey.  The first step is to melt the butter and the honey, then you brown the tenderloin in the glaze.  After that,  you bake the whole concoction.  This SOUNDS like it would work out great.  Except...what happens if you cook butter for too long?  The butter burns and gets very bitter.  I knew I was in trouble when the smell coming from the oven went from rich and nutty to omg let's quick open a window.

I should have known this.

I've burnt many batches of caramel by over cooking the butter.


The second problem with this recipe is that it doesn't tell you how long to cook the meat per pound. My pork was larger than the one in the recipe so I knew 20 min was not going to be even close to an appropriate bake time. I did some research online and it said that pork should be cooked to 145F.  So I did that.  Maybe my meat thermometer is off because when the thermometer reached 145F the center of the pork was still pink.

Mrblocko said that it was ok to eat, but Blockette and I ate from the edges.  Pink pork ooks me out.

I'm not going to even write the recipe down here.  If you're curious you can see it at Momma Hen's Kitchen.  I won't be making this again, and I'll stick to delegating the cooking of any pig products (other than sausage, bacon or ground pork) to Mrblocko.

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