Friday, March 6, 2015

Partial Nouveau Sampler

Sometimes I see a Cross Stitch pattern that I really like, but not enough to stitch the whole thing.  I have a small house and not everything I want to stitch is going to fit on the limited amount of wall space that I have.  Plus I don't seem to have the patience for a large cross stitch piece anymore.

I had been eyeing Mirabilia's Le Nouveau Sampler for some time.  Then one day I saw that someone had stitched up just the center motif.  I thought that was a smashing idea so I did the same.

The background of the design is a pale teal.(The photo does not do it justice.)  I just so happened to have almost the same color fabric in my stash.

I didn't want to spend an arm and a leg on framing so I found a cheap white frame on clearance at Michaels.  I had such a hard time finding a square frame the right size that I improvised with a rectangular one.  I had some wide lace that I thought would work well to balance out the space of the design.

The framing isn't as centered or lined up perfectly parallel to the frame, but it's close enough.  It's another one of those things that falls into the "finished is better than perfect" categories.  At least it's not sitting tucked away in a drawer where no one, especially me, can see it.

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