Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Eggless Mug-o-brownie

The other evening, after Blockette had gone to bed, I had a taste for something sweet. I didn't want a whole mess of dessert to tempt me throughout the rest of the week though. I went on the quest to find some small, quick tasty treat. The Microwave mug brownie from Tasty Kitchen fit the bill perfectly.

This recipe makes a small amount, uses pantry staple ingredients, and takes less than 5 minutes to put together. If you have a large enough mug, you can even mix your ingredients in the same container you'll bake it in.

"Who ate all my brownie?" or "I'd better take a picture quick before my brownie is all gone".

I used dutch process cocoa because it was the first thing I saw in the pantry. You can use regular cocoa if you aren't a fan of that deep dark chocolatey taste. Mrblocko and I thought this dessert was quite rich. That was most likely due to the dutch processed cocoa. Because of the richness, we thought this recipe made the perfect amount for two people.

Some people commented on the Tasty Kitchen website that they thought the brownie needed more sugar. If you're used to milk chocolate vs. dark chocolate, go ahead and add some more sugar. Or, you could just add a big old scoop of vanilla ice cream. That would be even better. Go ahead and add that scoop of ice cream anyhow. I would have, but we didn't have any in the freezer. Hey, if we had ice cream in the freezer I wouldn't have even gone looking for this recipe. I would have just had a bowl of ice cream, and gone about my life completely oblivious to this scrumptious, speedy dessert.

This recipe yields a very cakey type of brownie. I microwaved mine for 30 seconds and it still was not cooked. I tossed it in for another 30 seconds and I think that may have been for a tad too long. I think this dessert would be best if it was slightly undercooked.

I just had to test that theory out. I nuked the brownie batter for 45 seconds and it was even better. Nice and gooey on the bottom, like a lava cake. NUM!

Another great thing about this recipe is that it contains no eggs, milk or butter. There's nothing to worry about if you wanted to mix the ingredients up in a mug and take that mug with you to work. That concoction could sit on your desk until the chocolatey mood hit you. Plus, if you are wonky about eatting raw eggs (like me) you can lick the bowl all you like.

(To those of you who gotta hate on me with my salmonilla-laden egg fears, all I have to say is at least I don't have hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia. That would be horribly ironic.

Microwave Mug Brownie from Tasty Kitchen
4 Tablespoons Flour
4 Tablespoons Sugar
2 Tablespoons Cocoa
2 Tablespoons Vegetable Oil
3 Tablespoons Water

In a small bowl, whisk together dry ingredients until the cocoa clumps are gone; you can use your hands! Stir in the oil and water. Scrape into a mug with a spatula. Microwave for 1-2 minutes, but check on it once in a while. (Nuke mine for 45 sec.)


  1. I'm currently trying to tweak this recipe to make it a tad more healthy. So far I've used whole wheat flour, 2 T sugar and 1.5 T veg oil. It takes a much shorter cook time when you do this, like 25-30 seconds. It's not nearly as good as the sugary version. I've got a few more ideas for making it slightly healthier. I'll keep you updated on my failure/success.

  2. Mrsblocko have you tried taking the oil out and replacing it with unsweetened apple sauce ??

  3. I've made this version :
    It uses non dairy milk and applesauce in place of the oil.

    I've also made this version:
    Which has non dairy milk and pumpkin.

    Both are good, but no where near as tasty as the one with oil.


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